eLOQ Admin Key

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eLOQ Admin Key

eLOQ Admin Key

The Admin Key is used to set system codes, set lock IDs, submit blacklists reports to locks and collect lock event data. Note: The program key can not be used to open locks

  • Setting or altering lock system codes or lock IDs
  • Submitting Blacklisted Keys to locks
  • Record lock event data
  • Adopt NFC technology to exchange the data
  • Diffcult to copy and crack due to high level security algorithms
  • Resistance to falls to prevent damage to the internal electronic components
  • Functionality to validate system lock IDs and validations
  • Working Temperature; -20’C-+ 60’C
  • Working Humidly; 20% -97%
  • Bicolourable LED + Buzzer
  • 8KV contact electrostatic or 15KV contactless electrostatic protection
  • Battery Life: 50,000 times operation
  • Can collect up to 300 event records from individual locks
  • Power down Data Protection; > 10 years


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