About eLOQ

Find out about how eLOQ works and why it could be the perfect additionto your business

How does eLOQ work?

eLOQ access systems are made up of four central elements that can be customised in any way. Most importantly, we can create bespoke systems and setups to fit any organisation’s requirements.

eLOQ Keys

eLOQ keys are assigned to each individual user and contain the users lock permissions, keys are updated wirelessly by either an eLOQ wall reader or the mobile app.

eLOQ Locks

eLOQ locks are completely wire free with power being drawn from the key in order to operate. All locks can be retrofitted into existing doors, lockers or cabinets quickly and easily.

eLOQ Readers

The eLOQ reader allows users to update and revalidate their user keys quickly and wirelessly. The new eLOQ Mobile App can also be used to update and revalidate users keys whilst working in remote locations.

eLOQ Software

eLOQ software allows administrators to manage, audit, update and control every aspect of the eLOQ suite. The eLOQ software is cloud based enabling administrators to login remotely if necessary.

Due to the technological advantages and the powerful scope of flexibility that eLOQ provides, it can be effectively introduced to a range of industries to improve any organisation's security, particularly those where traditional access control systems may no longer adequately cover security risks;

Logistics & Transport
Real Estate
Onshore Gaming

...and many more!