Introducing eLOQ

Introduce Commercial Smart Locks that provide Secure Key Management & Access Control

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eLOQ is the powerfully intelligent electronic smart key and wireless access control system designed around commercial smart locks.

Offering a greater degree of flexibility, tracking and accountability that is not possible with alternative traditional access control methods, eLOQ has the capacity to change the security of your commercial property in ways you have never consider.


 Use eLOQ anywhere with the wireless feature which allows you to introduce smart key technology to any existing lock without the expense of wiring.


Lost keys no longer mean the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks, quickly and easily blacklist lost smart keys from the access control system.


eLOQ smart keys feature a unique electronic ID which prevents duplication and leaves an auditable tracking record of how every lock and key is used.

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Using eLOQ in Your Organisation

It's incredibly easy and simple to retrofit the secure eLOQ into any existing lock & key access control system.

The innovative wire-free solution means you can install eLOQ anywhere you currently use a lock and key; from doors & windows, to operation access panels & padlocks located in remote areas.

With a range of standard locking sizes and the innovative wireless solution, it's easy for any qualified locksmith to install.

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Due to the innovative advantages and the powerful scope of flexibility that eLOQ contains, it can effectively introduced to a range of industries including those that traditional access control systems cannot cover

Office Buildings
Empty Properties
Onshore Gaming

...and many more!

Interested in eLOQ for your organisation?

eLOQ's smart access control system is flexible enough to fit any organisation
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