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eLOQ is a cost effective, electronic smart key system that has been developed to offer users a greater degree of access control, flexibility and accountability compared to traditional methods.

In many organisations, key control is designed often on a compromise security. If a key becomes lost, the security levels will plummet and a costly lock replacement is required

eLOQ eliminates the issues of keys being copied or lost, as our smart keys are electronic, they can be easily administered using the user-friendly software. We work in cooperation with leading Academics and specialists within the security industry to develop our products in order to offer innovative solutions which take advantage of the latest technological developments.


eLOQ introduces secure, flexibility and accountability not possible with traditional access control or master key systems.


Lost keys no longer mean the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks, quickly and easily blacklist lost smart keys from the system.


eLOQ smart keys feature a unique electronic ID which prevents duplication and leaves an auditable record every time a lock is opened.

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eLOQ's smart access control system is flexible enough to fit any organisation
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Using the eLOQ system

Create Bespoke Privileges

Create bespoke access privileges for each individual based on location, time and date that details which locks the user has access to and when.
A single smart key can open over 3,000 locks.

Assign Smart Keys

Assign smart keys to each individual user.
Set the smart key start and expiration dates, along with access time periods.
Short-term expiration is an excellent way to minimise risk of lost or stolen keys.

Collect Audit Events

Each time a smart key is used in a lock, a record of the lock ID, date and time access attempt is stored in both the lock and key.
The smart key stores up to 3,000 audit records of the most recent access events.

Our Solution

Easy, Flexible and Secure Access Control.

Programable Locks and Smart Keys

Smart keys can be set-up to open only specific locks during a designated schedule and can also be given start and expiration points.

Full Audit Trails

Every time a smart key is used, a time-and-date stamp will show each event,including authorised and unauthorised access attempts and out of hours’ attempts.

Blacklisting of Lost or stolen smart keys

Lost or stolen smart keys can also be quickly blacklisted saving the expense of changing locks.

Time & Date Restricted Access Control

Flexible date and time restrictions can be enforced so that users only have access to certain locks when required.

Bespoke Encryption

eLOQ keys and locks are electronic and are programmed with a unique system code for each customer.

Wide range of retrofittable locks

eLOQ offers a wide range of lock types which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use – our locks contain no wiring or batteries!

Wire free Access Control

eLOQ smart keys provide the power to locks when inserted, which means there are no requirements for cabling or batteries within the locks.

Friendly Support

Software has been designed to be user friendly and simple to use - our support team are also available to answer any questions.

and much more...

No wiring & No battery in locks

Although eLOQ locks are electronic, they contain no batteries and they do not require wiring; all of the power is taken from the smart keys when inserted – this means access control and accountability can be deployed quickly and easily wherever required, including padlocked areas!

Programmable locks

eLOQ locks can be programmed offering total flexibility - using innovative electronics, along with encryption algorithms, our solution offers a unique, secure solution.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

All locks are suitable for internal and external use with an operating temperate range of
-20 °C to + 60 °C.
Cylinders are IP55 rated and padlocks are IP57 rated.


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