Intelligent Access Control

Designed for higher security, greater flexibility and better auditability

eLOQ is the powerfully intelligent electronic smart key and wireless access control system, designed around commercial smart locks. Providing a greater degree of flexibility, tracking and accountability than ever before, eLOQ has the capacity to change the security of your commercial property in ways you had never considered.

Wire Free



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Using eLOQ in Your Business

It's incredibly easy and simple to retrofit the secure eLOQ into any existing lock & key access control system.

The innovative wireless solution means you can install eLOQ anywhere you currently use a lock and key; from doors and windows, to operation access panels and padlocks located in remote areas.

With a range of standard locking sizes and the contemporary wire-free solution, it's easy for any qualified locksmith to install.

eLOQ Locks

Building your eLOQ security system starts with creating bespoke access control privileges for each individual (based on location, time and date) that details which locks the user should have access to and when.

A single smart key can open over 3,000 locks.

Assign smart keys to each individual user.
Set the smart key start and expiration dates, along with access time periods.
Short-term expiration is an excellent way to minimise risk of lost or stolen keys.

Meanwhile, installing the locks is an easy task for any qualified locksmith.
Available in many common sizes and without any requirement for wiring, eLOQ locks can be easily and quickly retrofitted into any key based access control system.

Each time a smart key is used in a lock, a tracking record of the lock ID, date and time access attempt is stored in both the lock and key.
The smart key stores up to 3,000 tracking records of the most recent access events.