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What is eLOQ?

eLOQ is an electromechanical locking system which has been designed to provide advance features such as auditability and key management control, not seen in traditional Masterkey and Access Control systems.

The locks themselves have been designed without the need to be wired to a power source. This introduces the possibility to use eLOQ in remote areas that don’t have access to an electricity source.

For a power source, eLOQ keys introduce a slight electrical charge into the lock to provide the energy to check authorisation, and to operate the internal mechanisms. When this occurs, the lock also provides a data trace to the key about the activity including which lock was opened, the time, date and the success rate. This data can then be access from eLOQ Enterprise after the key is next validated by the user.

How does an eLOQ system work?

There are three main components that allow an eLOQ system to operate; Locks, Keys and Software.

eLOQ Locks come in a range of standard cylinder shapes and sizes allowing for ease to retrofit into your existing security system. The only additional requirement is to set-up each lock with its own unique Lock ID. This is created on the software and allocated via the Admin Key, allowing for the ability to set up user access rights and produce audit reports.

Keys can be assigned to users with their own access rights programmed into the keys via the software. As well as access rights based on which locks the key can open, permissions can also be set based on time and dates. For example; an employee who works Monday-Friday can have a key set to open the relevant locks only on those days. Keys also record data about the user activity which can be unloaded to the software using key readers at periodic times set by the system administrator.

The eLOQ Enterprise Software is a cloud-based program that oversees the creation and monitoring of eLOQ locks and keys. The software has been designed to be incredibly manageable and user-friendly, allowing the user avoid any unnecessary administration duties. New keys and locks are created on eLOQ Enterprise allowing for multiple unique settings to be defined for user access privileges.

Why should I choose eLOQ over traditional Master Key Suites or Access Control Systems?

eLOQ introduces a range of features compared to competing security access systems that can be beneficial to any organisation;

  • The ability to blacklist and restrict access for any user key means that your site security will not be jeopardized if keys are lost or stolen. eLOQ also reduces the need to replace a Master Key Suite should any keys become unaccounted for. Individual eLOQ Keys can simply be deleted off the system if and when necessary

  • Compared to traditional Access Control Systems, each user can be provided with their own unique key and their own unique access privileges, preventing the need for common code passes being shared

  • The lack of need for a power source to the locks and doors means eLOQ is incredibly flexible compared to traditional Access Control Systems, even having the ability to fit to padlocks. This means eLOQ can be retrofitted to existing doors without the need for new wiring to be installed

  • Full Audit Trails allow you to track your key holders access history; monitoring the time and date they requested permission to open any particular lock

  • Complete control on time and date permissions means that you can restrict user access to only those times that it is required


Is eLOQ suitable for my Domestic Property?

eLOQ has primarily been designed to suit commercial organisations with specific focus on business needs, using a range of advanced features to track, monitor and control access permissions for multiple users.

How could eLOQ benefit my organisation?

eLOQ has the benefit to introduce a wealth of benefits to your organisation:

  • Managing site access based on personalised times, dates and user identity reduces any chance of unauthorised access

  • One single key can open 3,000 locks, removing the need to carry a bunch of keys

  • Disabling lost or stolen keys reduces the chance of your security system being jeopardized, as well as eliminating any potential cost to repair security breaches

  • Introducing accountability of access through time & date stamps that are recorded on the keys and locks


Visit our Features of eLOQ page to find out the many benefits that an eLOQ Security System can introduce to your organisation.

Is it possible to get a demonstration of eLOQ?

We love to hear that you are interested in eLOQ! If you would like a demonstration of eLOQ or to learn more about how the system works and the possibilities it can introduce, then please get in touch with us.

eLOQ demonstrations are available through your local eLOQ stockist, live web seminars or at any upcoming trade and industry exhibitions.

How much does an eLOQ system cost?

eLOQ systems are designed to be unique to your particular site and therefore it is difficult to provide estimates without a full consultation.

Overall though, an eLOQ system is able to provide a long term cost-benefit in comparison to competing systems due to the wide range of additional features included.

How can I buy eLOQ?

eLOQ is sold through approved and qualified stockists who are able to provide full support and training.

Get in touch with our team today to find out who your local stockist is.


Are eLOQ locks easy to install?

eLOQ locks come in a range of standard profiles and measurements. This means the locks should easily retrofit into spaces occupied by any existing cylinders you may have.

See our product range to see our most commonly sold products.

Do eLOQ locks require wiring?

Despite being electronic locks, the locks themselves require no wiring or mains power connection to operate. The power is simply drawn from the key when inserted into an eLOQ lock.

Can I install the eLOQ locks myself?

We would always recommend that eLOQ is installed by a qualified locksmith to ensure the highest quality fit.

How long are the keys battery life?

eLOQ keys have been designed to operate at least 5,000 times before the need to replace the battery.

When the battery is close to the end of its life, the key will emit an extended audible noise after use to indicate a battery change is required.

How do you replace the key battery?

Batteries can be quickly and easily changed. Simply loosen the two screws on the case to remove the cap, exposing the battery position. Replace with a new 1/2AA 6.6V/1.2Ah battery and reattach the cap and tighten the screws.

Following a quick replacement of the battery, the key should retain all user information.

Do the locks require maintenance?

Any type of lock should receive regular maintenance to extend it’s lifespan and provide the best operational performance – eLOQ locks are no different to this. Regular maintenance to ensure the key contacts are clean help extend the lifespan of the lock. This can be easily achieved using a wire-brush.

I can't see the lock I require on your product catalogue.

Our Product Catalogue lists the most popular items. Despite this, we know that not every site is the same and can include it’s own particularities. Fortunately, the eLOQ switch mechanism is an incredibly flexible innovation. This means we can install eLOQ into many different lock types to suit bespoke needs.

Need something unique? Get in touch with our team today to see if we can accommodate your requirements


What is eLOQ Enterprise?

eLOQ Enterprise is the user-friendly cloud software that accompanies an eLOQ Security System. Administrators are able to set-up user Access Profiles, programme Lock IDs, run Audit Reports and design Blacklist Directories through the software.

Do I need to use eLOQ Enterprise?

eLOQ Enterprise is the essential link between the keys and locks to communicate with each other, it is therefore a requirement to the eLOQ Security System.

How easy is eLOQ Enterprise to use?

eLOQ Enterprise has been designed to be user-friendly due to the principal that good quality security should be easy and effective to administrate. After the initial installation of an eLOQ Security System, the software should only require the occasional administration to add/manage users, run reports and validate keys – all of which are accessible and achievable with ease from the software dashboard.

Full training and live support on the software is available and will be discussed with you via your preferred supplier.

Do I have to administer eLOQ Enterprise internally?

It is recommended to administer eLOQ Enterprise internally to respond to changing security requirements quickly and efficiently.

For some organisations it may be possible to administer your eLOQ Enterprise remotely. If this is your preference, please contact your preferred supplier who will be able to explore this option with you.

What is the licensing agreement for eLOQ Enterprise?

eLOQ Enterprise is based on an annual license agreement. The license value is based around the volume of products within your Security System.

How secure is eLOQ Enterprise?

eLOQ Enterprise is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Azure which is designed to be resilient to attack with multiple safeguards for your data. All data is further secured using our bespoke encryption codes.

Windows Azure guarantees a 99.95% uptime giving you the assurance that you will be able to access your version of eLOQ Enterprise at any time.

Microsoft’s Windows Azure meets a broad set of international and industry specific compliance standards such as; ISO 27001, ISO 27018, FedRAMP and UK G-Cloud. Rigorous third-party audits verity Azure’s adherence to strict security controls meaning you can be assured your data will be secure.

Further information can be obtained by contacting us or via your preferred supplied.


What support services are available?

eLOQ offer a range of support services for users; from telephone support to on-site training available through your preferred supplier.

Comprehensive help guides and tutorials are also available through the eLOQ Enterprise dashboard.

Have we covered everything?

If not, please drop us a line and we’ll answer any other questions you might have…