Features of eLOQ

Wireless & Remote Access Control Solutions

Easy, Flexible & Secure

Although eLOQ locks are electronic, they contain no batteries and do not require wiring.

With the wide range of easily retro-fittable cylinders and padlocks available, introducing eLOQ means you can implement incredibly flexible levels of remote access control to your organisation.

[info_circle edge_radius=”80″ start_degree=”90″ icon_size=”32″ img_icon_size=”32″ content_icon_size=”32″ content_color=”#0690ac” eg_br_style=”dashed” eg_br_width=”1″ eg_border_color=”#ff7600″ auto_slide=”on” auto_slide_duration=”3″ highlight_style=”info-circle-push” icon_launch=”easeOutElastic” icon_launch_duration=”1″ icon_launch_delay=”0.2″ responsive_breakpoint=”800″ title_font_style=”font-weight:bold;”][info_circle_item info_title=”Retrofittable Locks” info_icon=”Defaults-lock” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]eLOQ offers a wide range of lock types which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use – our locks contain no wiring or batteries![/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Bespoke Encryption” info_icon=”Defaults-certificate” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]eLOQ keys and locks are electronic and are programmed with a unique system code for each customer.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Time & Date Restrictions” info_icon=”Defaults-clock-o” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]Flexible date and time restrictions can be enforced so that users only have access to certain locks when required.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Blacklisting” info_icon=”Defaults-user-secret” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]Lost or stolen smart keys can also be quickly blacklisted saving the expense of changing locks.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Programmable Keys” info_icon=”Defaults-key” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]Smart keys can be set-up to open only specific locks during a designated schedule and can also be given start and expiration points.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Full Tracking Reports” info_icon=”Defaults-list” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]Every time a smart key is used, a time-and-date stamp will show each event, including authorised and unauthorised access attempts and out of hours’ attempts.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Wire Free Access Control” info_icon=”Defaults-rss” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]eLOQ smart keys provide the power to locks when inserted, which means there are no requirements for cabling or batteries within the locks.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Friendly Support” info_icon=”Defaults-phone” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]Software has been designed to be user friendly and simple to use – our support team are also available to answer any questions.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Programmable Locks” info_icon=”Defaults-cogs gears” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]eLOQ locks can be programmed offering total flexibility – using innovative electronics, along with encryption algorithms, our solution offers a unique and secure option for access control.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Indoor & Outdoor Use” info_icon=”Defaults-tint” icon_bg_color=”#0690ac” icon_color=”#f8f8f9″]All locks are suitable for internal and external use with an operating temperate range of -20 °C to + 60 °C. Cylinders are IP55 rated and padlocks are IP57 rated.[/info_circle_item][/info_circle]

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