Double Euro Profile Cylinder

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eLOQ Euro Cylinder Double

Double Euro Profile Cylinder – 75mm

  • Fitted with an eLOQ Tumbler ready for ID setting
  • Sealed Electronic Chip from water & dust
  • Protected body for extended life in harsh environments
  • Retrofittable to existing locking positions
  • Perfect for external and internal doors
  • Working life of up to 50,000 operations

Available in Brass & Stainless Steel

eLOQ Double Euro Profile Cylinders are available with the following modular spacers:

  • 5mm
  • 10mm
  • 15mm
  • 20mm

Please state the length of spacer(s) and side(s) of the cylinder required upon order


Standard eLOQ Double Euro Profile Cylinders 75mm – Product Code: eLOQ-EURO-DBL

Modular eLOQ Double Euro Profile Cylinders 75mm + Spacers – Product Code: eLOQ-EURO-DBL-MDLR

eLOQ 5mm Spacer – Product Code: eLOQ-5MM-SPACER

eLOQ 10mm Spacer – Product Code: eLOQ-10MM-SPACER

eLOQ 15mm Spacer – Product Code: eLOQ-15MM-SPACER

eLOQ 20mm Spacer – Product Code: eLOQ-20MM-SPACER

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